Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Blessed Thomas Percy

There are many Thomas Percys who have earned a place in history and one of them Thomas Percy (1528 – 1572) was beatified by Leo XIII on 13 May, 1895

Blessed Thomas Percy was the son of Thomas Percy Senior, who also was executed in 1537 for his adherence to the Catholic Religion.

Both had joined risings to restore the Catholic Faith in England, which ended in failure; Thomas Percy Senior joined the 'Pilgrimage of Grace' in 1536 and Thomas Percy Junior joined the 'Rising in the North' in 1569.

During these troubled times religious wars, persecutions and uprisings were never far away and depending on who was on the throne, Catholics or Protestants were persecuted.

In the reign of Queen Mary, Thomas Percy Junior regained his ancestral title and lands and was made governor of Prudhoe Castle.

However under the next regent, Queen Elizabeth 1, anti–Catholic measures were put in place and eventually Thomas decided to join a plot to restore Mary Queen of Scots to the throne. This plot failed and Thomas was beheaded in York in 1572. His feastday is celebrated in our Diocese on 14th November.

A Chapel at Langley Castle (completed in 1914) has stained glass windows featuring Blessed Thomas Percy (Blessed Thomas Percy was a descendent of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, who originally owned Langley Castle).