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Poverty Appeals:

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At this time of great need, the Vicariate for Caritas and the Justice & Peace Co-ordinating Council are offering partnerships/parishes/ecumenical groups the opportunity to promote appeals for struggling families over the Christmas period through our website. If you are organising these initiatives and would like us to promote, please send brief details by email.

The following appeals show the type of information require, please include full details in your email.

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Church Action on Poverty – Reset the Debt

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Church Action on Poverty – Reset the Debt:

An estimated six million people in the UK have fallen behind on one or more household bill as a result of Covid-19, with the biggest increases in debt amongst the poorest households. People face being overwhelmed by circumstances entirely beyond their control.

This is an urgent problem that demands a solution. It is not right that those with the fewest resources should bear the heaviest burden of the lockdown, potentially for years to come. We believe people swept into debt by Covid-19 now need a Jubilee. It’s time to #ResetTheDebt.

A call to take action:

Church Action on Poverty & The Joint Public Issues Team are proposing that the Chancellor creates a Jubilee Fund. This would provide grants to pay off and cancel unavoidable debt accrued by households during the lockdown period, giving them a more stable platform from which to face the future and aiding economic recovery. Could you join us?

Write to your MP, calling on them to ask the Chancellor what the Government’s plans are to address the crisis. Follow this link to support this cause.

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