Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

On–Going Formation of Permanent Deacons
Diocese of Hexham & Newcastle

On–Going Formation of Clergy in the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle is made up of two mutually supportive Teams: the On–Going Formation of Priests and the On–Going Formation of Deacons Teams.

The On–Going Formation of Permanent Deacons:

Reginald Cardinal Pole (1500 – 1558).

Although not a canonized saint, Cardinal Pole is said to be of saintly character and nature. One of the few ‘modern’ cardinals who was not only not a bishop, but was also not even a priest when he was added to the College of Cardinals. He has been described as a “Deacons for Deacons”, in that his life is offered as an example of how permanent deacons should live lives that are not only beyond reproach, but are living examples of diakonia – that is, service – to God, to family, to the Church.

St. Bede the Venerable (born 672 / 673 – 735).

A deacon for considerable number of years, this theologian, historian, chronologist and local saint is an inspiration to permanent deacons for his life-long commitment to learning, to the need for an openness of mind and heart, for robust theological reflection.






Director for On–Going Formation for Permanent Deacons:

Reverend Deacon David Collins. email:

On–Going Formation Team:

The OGF Team has as its members:

Reverend Deacon Stephen Boulter

Reverend Deacon David Collins

Reverend Deacon Peter Linsley

Reverend Deacon Paul Nichols

Reverend Deacon Peter Smith