Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO



Diocesan e-Newsletter Information

The e-Newsletter is emailed to:

  • All parishes/churches in the Diocese
  • Communications persons
  • Anyone wishing to receive the newsletter can subscribe through the Diocesan website.

Diocesan Departments and other bodies wishing to send in items for the e-Newsletter please note the following points:

  • Items must be emailed no later than the 20th of each month to be included in the next e-Newsletter.
  • The total word count (including link and dates) where practical is to be a maximum of 80 words (NB. requests for articles exceeding this number should be directed to the Web Manager for discussion).
  • Please email items to:


  • Any graphics should be less than 50kb.
  • Please include a link to posters and other information. If these are not already available via a website, please email them (posters in pdf format only please) to the above address and they will be posted on the diocesan website so that a link can be made to them in the e-Newsletter.
  • Please use up to three bullet points, if required.
  • Please insert in the email subject line the name of your Department or organisation.
  • Each month's item must be different.
  • You are not expected to send items every month.

All queries should be sent to the Diocesan Web Manager by email or tel: 0191 243 3310.