Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Department for Ecumenism

Head of Department: Rev. Gordon Ryan

The Secretary of the Diocesan Commision for Christian UnityEcumenical Officer: Mrs Andrea Murray

Mobile: 07738 321858 or email:

Senior Administrator: Mrs Amy McDonagh 0191 243 3316

"This sacred Council calls upon all the Catholic faithful to recognise the signs of the times and to play an informed part in the work of ecumenism."

Vatican Council Decree On Ecumenism

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Anglican – Roman Catholic International Commission III
(ARCIC III): First Agreed Statement

Following seven years of work, the official body for Anglican-Catholic interfaith dialogue (ARCIC III) has released its first ‘Agreed Statement’, entitled, 'Walking Together on the Way: Learning to Be the Church – Local, Regional, Universal'. Shaped by the CCS’s method of 'Receptive Ecumenism', the statement focuses on the need for ecclesial conversion and reform by the churches of the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church learning from each other in relation to their respective wounds and difficulties. Read more about the publication, including the role of the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle, here.

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Living the Joy of the Gospel - September 2015.

Pilgrimage to Finchale Priory, a celebration of the 900th anniversary of St. Godric at Finchale – May 2015.