Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Called & Gifted

About Called & Gifted:

What are Charisms:

The A – Z of Charisms, view or download here.


I am discerning where God wants me and figuring out if I am using my Charisms the best I can, or wasting them. I felt I needed courage and knowledge to go deeper into what my true calling is.

Discovering what the Charisms are all about is a beautiful experience.

The video teachings are amazingly enriching.

The delivery of the course is very relaxed and laid back.

It is clear, thought out, and easy to follow.

The conversation with the Gift Guide is very reflective.

It is helpful to be able to do the course in my own time online.

Discernment of my Charisms needs further exploring and discovering.


The extensive materials from the website are engaging and informative, as well as accessible at one’s own pace.

The course handbook and videos are excellent.

How to contact the Vicariate for Faith & Mission:

Email: or tel: 0191 243 3316.