Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Vicariate for Faith & Mission

Introducing the Vicariate for Faith & Mission:

The Vicariate for Faith & Mission is an umbrella that brings together many different areas of Ministry. The following diagram has been put together as a quick guide to help you have oversight and navigate the key Vicariate areas within the website.


Episcopal Vicar: Mgr. Andrew Faley


Tel: 07971 875902


Team contacts:

Co-ordinator for Faith & Mission: Mrs Amy Cameron
Email: or tel: 07540 197652.

Amy McDonagh, Mark Hindmarsh and Claire Walton
Email: or tel: 0191 243 3316.



Adult Formation: Fr. Sean Hall

Bishop’s Representative for Dialogue and Unity: Fr. Marc Lyden–Smith

Catechesis: Deacon Martin Bell


Co–ordinator: John Wheeler

Secretary: Alison Rebello

Emmaus Bereavement Listening Service: Chris Smith (Co–ordinator Volunteer)

Evangelisation and Outreach: Canon Michael Griffiths

Interreligious Relations: Fr. Mariadass Pagyasamy

Liturgical Formation: Fr. Adrian Dixon

Liturgical Formation volunteer: Mrs Angela Joyce

Diocesan Church Music Association (DCMA) Chair: Alison McLean

Marriage and Family Life: Deacon Rob Wareing

Spiritual Directors (Co-ordinator): Sr. Sheila McNamara

Youth Services: Fr. Dermott Donnelly


The God Who Speaks – A Year of the Word:

Diocesan Co-ordinator: Canon Christopher Jackson

Support: Sophie Taylor


How to contact the Vicariate for Faith & Mission:

Email: or tel: 0191 243 3316.