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The Future of Virtual Learning and Formation

Amy Cameron, Coordinator for Faith & Mission, offers a short reflection on the future of virtual learning and formation in the Vicariate.  Watch the video by clicking on the image below.

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  • Courses (incl. Called & Gifted, Certificate in Pastoral Ministry and Parish CCRS Catechesis Module)

  • Events (incl. Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible online event and Children's Liturgy of the Word)


Called & Gifted:

God is calling you to a work of love that will fill your life with purpose and joy. Are you ready to discern your gifts? Our new programme starts on Wednesday 24 February 2021 and if you would like to apply for a place, please email us by Friday 19 February. See our poster or visit for more information.

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Certificate in Pastoral Ministry:

Are you involved in ministry in your parish or Partnership? Maybe you are a Minister of the Eucharist, a Baptism Catechist, Children’s Liturgy Leader or Bidding Prayer Writer, or one of the many other people who keep the Church and its mission moving forward; or maybe you would like to be, but do not feel you have the skills. In any case, the Certificate in Pastoral Ministry may be just what you need.

If you would like to find out more about the certificate you can read or download the full course details now, which includes some brief testimonials from our existing students. Alternatively, watch the following short video testimonials (approximately one minute in length).

Our first graduates received their certificates on Saturday 7 December 2019. they were congratulated by Bishop Malcolm McMahon alongside their peers who had come together from across the Northern Province.

Read more about the celebration here.


Certificate in Pastoral Ministry – Video Testimonials





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Parish CCRS Catechesis Module:

You may also be interested in the Parish Catechesis module of the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS) course. This module is designed to enable participants to gain an understanding of parish catechesis and to develop approaches to working within a parish setting. It offers an introduction to the theology, principles and goals of parish catechesis. There is a fee for this course. Further information on the CCRS course (and the CCRS in general) and the CCRS booking form can be found on the CCRS web page.

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February 2021:

The Great Adventure: Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible

This free, hour–long online course began in November. The remaining four sessions begin on Monday 1 February 2021 between 7.30pm and 8.30pm.

See poster for full details and if you have any questions please email us.

Children's Liturgy of the Word

Are you considering running CLOW online for your young parishioners. We invite you to join our network for CLOW leaders to share thoughts and ideas. Please register your interest by Friday 22 January by email.

See poster for details.

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How to contact the Vicariate for Faith & Mission:

Email: or tel: 0191 243 3316.