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Teams of Our Lady - An International Movement for Christian Married Couples


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About the Teams:

When did it start?

The movement began in Paris, in 1939, when a group of young couples asked their priest to help them explore the deeper meaning of Christian marriage.

A few more groups were established but it was only after the Second World War that the numbers grew rapidly. So much so, that the founding priest, Father Caffarel, thought it necessary to organise a method of support for them and decide on a name for this embryo movement.

Why Teams of Our Lady?

They chose the title: Teams of Our Lady because the first groups were established in a parish dedicated to Our Lady and each group was likened to a team, that works closely together.

Today, it is an international movement, approved and encouraged by the Church. It is present in more than 60 countries throughout the world and has more than 100,000 members.

What is a Team?

A Team consists of five to six married couples and if possible a spiritual counsellor. They meet together for one evening each month, in the home of one of the couples. In such groups the friendship generates real support and a gradual growth in spirituality. It’s a community that often includes mixed faith marriages.

Why do couples join the Movement?

The couples who join the Movement are not perfect, nor do they seek perfection. They’re just ordinary couples, validly married in the eyes of the Church, who are interested in something that will add to their marriage and help them to learn a little more about their faith together.

What happens when a team meets together each month?

The team uses a format that has been in place for nearly 60 years and remains one of the great strengths of the movement. It is not a social evening, neither is it a prayer group or a scripture group, but a little of all three. It is a time set aside for sharing; simple refreshment and a little news, a short period of prayer and reflection, plus their thoughts on a topic that could help and direct their faith.

The confidentiality within each team offers an atmosphere for openness and trust.

Why did we join Teams? – testimonies from couples

We wanted something that would involve us as a couple. We were doing a lot of things individually and there was a danger of leading parallel lives.”

With 4 children to look after, aged parents to care for and a few other commitments, we felt that we needed more time for ourselves and a chance to focus on our own relationship.”

We didn’t want anything too ‘heavy’ and decided if Teams wasn’t for us we would gracefully retreat. It turned out to be deeply inspiring, something we look forward to each month.”

Both of us felt that our faith was merely ‘jogging along’, lacking any real effort or direction. There were also more and more issues in life demanding a Christian response, and we knew that we needed a stronger faith to deal with them.”

The idea of exploring and developing our faith in the company of others appealed to us. And meeting just once a month, for three hours, was a commitment we could manage.”

We discovered that a ‘married spirituality’ is not just about prayer but the many ways in which we show our love for each other.”

I am not a Catholic, but have appreciated being part of a small group where friendship and listening are important. My searching questions have given me an insight into the faith my wife believes in and they provided the basis for some good discussions within the team.”

Teams helped us to build a better relationship with God and with each other.”

Our experience in Teams has had a profound influence on our life, making a good marriage even better.”

We learned that God is present in all the circumstances of our life, the good and not so good.”

It helped us to realise the greatness of the vocation we chose. And how important our witness to marriage is, not only in the wider community, but especially in our own home.”

We found good friends willing to accompany us through the many ups and downs of life. Sharing our anxiety and concerns through prayer, but also adding much laughter to our lives too.”

Little by little our faith has grown. No one expects to make great strides. It is a gradual process, we learn from each other.”

We found that Team couples are just ordinary people who laugh and enjoy a night out, have everyday family troubles and rows now and again, but have an extra dimension to their lives.”

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