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Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Developing Discipleship – Event Gallery

Saturday 7 December 2019: Certificate in Pastoral Ministry Graduates

On Saturday 7 December 2019 students from across the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle received their certificates in Pastoral Ministry from Loyola University, Chicago. As the first group to take advantage of this online learning opportunity, Bishop Malcolm McMahon congratulated them alongside their peers who had come together from across the Northern Province. This unique learning opportunity is customised to equip those who wish to live out their calling with up-to-date knowledge, skills and education. For further information on this course please contact Amy by email or read more about it here.

Thursday 26 April 2018: The 'Unconference'

On Thursday 26 April 2018 Partnerships participated in the first ever Diocesan ‘Unconference’, a name selected because it aimed to take the best bits out of a conference, namely it was a relaxed, networking evening with good food, great company and partnerships enabled to talk to other partnerships. It featured input from Benedict, Blackfriars and Monkwearmouth partnerships who each shared their achievements and challenges of walking through the partnership journey over the last year. The event consisted of 140 people from partnership development groups meeting each other, sharing their progress and swapping ideas.

This initial gathering precedes the more formal Partnership conference which will take place on Saturday 15 September 2018 and will once again be open to all involved in partnership development. To book your partnership on this event please contact Amy Sewell.

Tuesday 5 December 2017: The Summits

As part of a move to gather people together for an experience of Christ the first ‘Summit’ took place last night. The evening featured a thought provoking input by Andrew Brookes OP who related our call to be missionary disciples to the idea that we are called to be heralds of the Gospel. It was excellently accompanied by Expedition Worship who led the evening with lively praise and meaningful worship. Many people came to the evening and the response was overwhelmingly positive with many going home to tell their friends.

The Summit gathering will take place four times a year and move to the four corners of the Diocese. It will continue to feature high quality speakers who focus on developing our understanding of our call to be disciples and good quality worship music. It is hoped that through this event people will engage heads and hearts in praising God and listening to the richness of Catholic teaching and testimony.