Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Séamus Cunningham

Developing Discipleship - Resources

Art of Accompaniment:

On Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 October 2017, Bill Huebsch spent a day with our clergy and a day with our laity exploring the 'Art of Accompaniment'. In the attached powerpoints we see him exploring the theme of accompaniment in light of Pope Francis' proclamation 'The Joy of Love'. These resources are available with permission from Bill, so that we can spread the message of the need to be accompanying parishes.

Clergy presentation

Laity presentation


Formation Development:


Developing Discipleship

This booklet offers guidance and support to Partnership Development Groups and others in relation to developing Formation Pathways.



You are more significant than you realise' leaflet

This leaflet, aims to help all of us to reflect on how we might be a better disciple in our community today.


Moving forward involves growth and change’ postcard

This postcard, made available to all parishioners, encourages them to reflect on their role in their worshipping community.


Copies still available - There are still some hard copies of the Developing Discipleship document, the leaflet and post card available. If you would like some sent to you please contact Amy Cameron.