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Developing Discipleship – Resources

'Called and Gifted':

We are very excited to announce that 2019 will see the Catherine of Sienna Institutes programme 'Called and Gifted’ coming to our Diocese. This a Catholic discernment process that accompanies people to discover their God-given Charisms. We see this as instrumental in people discovering who God has created them to be and we see that through this we can enrich and develop our local Church.

For more information please get in touch with us by email.

Art of Accompaniment:

On Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 October 2017, Bill Huebsch spent a day with our clergy and a day with our laity exploring the 'Art of Accompaniment'. In the attached powerpoints we see him exploring the theme of accompaniment in light of Pope Francis' proclamation 'The Joy of Love'. These resources are available with permission from Bill, so that we can spread the message of the need to be accompanying parishes.

Clergy presentation

Laity presentation

Formation Development:

Thinking about our 'Why'

Simon Sinek, an international leadership coach believes that we should always start with our 'Why' and then move into our 'What' and our 'How'. Beginning the partnership process with a clear vision of 'Why' enables people to build a bright future together.

This presentation is a suggested starting point to assist Partnership Development Groups in reaching a unified vision statement; Establishing Your Purpose.

Praying through Change:

As we begin to move into partnerships and form development groups this short document offers points of reflection on change. It is intended to take individuals or groups through a prayerful process and to acknowledge the journey. It is based on the ‘Navigating Pastoral Transitions’ book by Marti R. Jewell, Liturgical Press 2013.

Navigating Pastoral Transitions

Recommended reading on Discipleship

Fr. James Mallon:

  • Divine Renovation – From a Maintenance to a Missional Parish

  • Divine Renovation Guidebook - A Step by Step Manual for Transforming Your Parish

Sherry A. Waddell:

  • Forming Intentional Disciples – The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus

  • Fruitful Discipleship – Living the Mission of Jesus in the Church and the World

  • Becoming a Parish of Intentional Disciples

Paul Cannon and Sharon Beech:

  • To Know Him, To Love Him, To Serve Him - forming Parish Evangelisation Teams

Developing Discipleship

This booklet offers guidance and support to Partnership Development Groups and others in relation to developing Formation Pathways.


You are more significant than you realise' leaflet

This leaflet, aims to help all of us to reflect on how we might be a better disciple in our community today.

Moving forward involves growth and change’ postcard

This postcard, made available to all parishioners, encourages them to reflect on their role in their worshipping community.


Copies still available - There are still some hard copies of the Developing Discipleship document, the leaflet and post card available. If you would like some sent to you please contact us by email.