Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Séamus Cunningham

Diocesan Councils and Groups

Council of Laity

The Laity Council is a consultative Body to the Bishop

President: Rt. Rev. Séamus Cunningham

Chairman: Mrs Julia Firbank

Chaplain: Fr. Jeffrey Dodds

Clerk to the Council: Mrs. P. Kennedy tel: (0191) 284 1690 or email: pat.kennedy@diocesehn.org.uk or pat.kennedy42@icloud.com

It represents Laity from all areas of the Diocese.

Representatives are sent from clusters, deanery area councils, or where there are none of these, directly from parishes.

It usually meets twice a year plus a day of reflection.

Upcoming Dates

Saturday 18 March 2017: Meeting has been postponed, revised arrangements to be confirmed.

Saturday 19 November 2017: Details and venue to be confirmed.

Latest Meeting

A meeting of the Council of Laity took place on Saturday 12 March 2016. Further information and details of the current committee are available here.

Council of Clergy

President: Rt. Rev. Séamus Cunningham
Chairman: Fr. Ian Hoskins tel: (01670) 788344 or email: longhorsley.stthomas@rcdhn.org.uk
Secretary: Fr. Jeff Dodds email: jeffreydodds@aol.com

Council of Deacons

President: Rt. Rev. Séamus Cunningham
Chairman: Deacon Peter Jones tel: (0191) 483 4781
Secretary: Deacon Paul Hargreaves tel: (01642) 582633 email: debrahargreaves@btinternet.com

Council of Youth

President: Rt. Rev. Séamus Cunningham
Contact Youth Village tel: 01207 592244