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Apostleship of the Sea

Seafarers’ charity unveils new look as it adapts to new normal:

Global seafarers’ charity Stella Maris (formerly known as Apostleship of the Sea) has launched a new logo, marking the start of its Centenary Year and commemorating World Maritime Day today.

The charity’s new logo and brand update unifies its global network, bringing together the various Stella Maris services worldwide into a single mission and giving it greater recognition in ports around the world.

The ‘Stella Maris’ name is recognised widely among seafarers, fishers, and their families who identify the charity’s chaplains and volunteers as “the ones from Stella Maris”.

Our ministry has global reach and impact. Having a unified logo will help us publicise and celebrate the wonderful work being accomplished,” said Fr. Bruno Ciceri, International Director of Stella Maris Network in Vatican City.

Effective immediately “Stella Maris” will be the official name of the charity, replacing “Apostleship of the Sea”.


The full official press release can be accessed here.

100 years of supporting seafarers

Stella Maris was founded in Glasgow in October 1920 and established to support seafarers in need. One hundred years later it is the largest ship visiting network in the world, providing seafarers with practical and pastoral support, information, and a friend in times of need.

You can watch the video below about our new logo and to download Stella Maris’ new logo and brandkit go to stellamaris.org.uk/brand.

Stella Maris provides spiritual and practical support, information and a listening ear to seafarers. For more information visit our website.