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NECHS Excursions 2016

A Castle, a Convent and a College.

We enjoyed two successful excursions this year; Auckland Castle and Ushaw College in May and the Bar Convent in June. On both occasions the weather was very kind to us.

Auckland Castle Trust is transforming this 900 year old Bishop’s Palace into a fascinating experience for visitors. Our guide conducted a tour which included the magnificent St Peter’s Chapel and the famous Zurbaran paintings of Jacob and his twelve sons. We heard about the exciting plans for development and would like to arrange another visit in the future.

At Ushaw College we were very keen to see the Treasures which had been the subject of a recent lecture given to Society members. It was very moving to see the artefacts connected to the survival of the Faith in penal times. Our guide also gave us as interesting talk about the history of the Seminary and the life of the students. As with Auckland, we await future developments.

The excursion to the Bar Convent in York merited the full day spent there. Members were inspired by an earlier lecture and also an article in our magazine “Northern Catholic History”. This 17th century Foundation of sisters of the Congregation of Jesus with their work educating girls, in spite of huge opposition, is the subject of a superb exhibition. The lives of Mary Ward, the Foundress, and St. Margaret Clitherow who was martyred in York were well explained and illustrated. There is a beautiful Chapel with a priest’s hole and multiple exits for quick evacuation during services. After lunch, we were able to enjoy the gardens or visit York before leaving for the journey home.



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