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Emmanuel Catholic Charismatic Community (formerly CCR) – Events Archive

Charismatic Renewal – Are you at Home?


On Saturday 7 March at St. Joseph’s, Gateshead, Emmanuel Diocesan Catholic Charismatic Renewal gathered for another Community Day. The focus was on healing of barriers, which prevented us being fully at home with ourselves and with God. The focus input was led by Pat Kennedy, testimony led by Christine Dixon and Mass was celebrated by Fr. Michael Whalen.

We looked at family history and its effect on ourselves and relationships with others. We looked at our lives in general and reflected on where we felt we were in a personal relationship with God. We looked at God’s relationship with us since before time, His dream for each one of us and the graces He pours on us to enable us to grow beyond our hurts, failures, feelings of rejection and to ask for the grace and blessing to leave all barriers to our growth into God’s home for us and to grasp His hand in order to move forward in our journey to be at home with myself and at home with my God. We then prayed with each other in order for that longing to be graced into reality and brought our offerings into our closing Mass.

Feedback after the Day was very encouraging, people said that they went home elated, lighter and with feelings of Joy, a lot lighter than when they came. More days of blessing like this were requested.

Pat Kennedy MPS, Chair of CCR Hexham and Newcastle.

Advent Retreat – Minsteracres

Saturday 29 November – Sunday 1 December

"Will you Come? Will you be the manger, The Birthing Place of Christ?", led by Pat Kennedy.

Over this weekend in Minsteracres we grew into a community, a sharing group journeying together. We followed Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Kings and John the Baptist. "Mary taught me about herself and her life's journey and I understand her in a way now that I never had before."

We travelled from the wilderness, to Bethlehem the City of Bread where we fed, leading us to greater understanding as we approached the Manger.

We came to the place where the bread of life was born, born to feed me in Word and Eucharist. He came into this life in order to lay down his life for me.

We remembered the first coming and in thanks giving, we await the second coming, but we were also alerted to be present to the many comings of God to me throughout my lifetime.

We were invited to bring the gift of ourselves, the gifting God has given each one of us, to enable His creation to continue and flourish; and as with Mary and Jesus we too were called to ponder in the time to come on our individual gifting, roles and our place in God's kingdom and plan for each one of us as part of the whole body.

We were invited and to offer Jesus a birthing place within ourselves, to follow our star and to go where it leads me, and to take him with me wherever I am led.

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We renewed our Baptismal Promises and were then commissioned and sent out to hold Jesus within, taking Him back to where we each came from and to offer him as gift and new life to others.

"I came to this weekend seeking Discernment and I found it. It was a wonderful experience for me"

"It was a fabulous weekend, great leadership, great music and great camaraderie, our group felt really blessed to be here"

"I would like to thank Pat for her gifting, her personal sharing, the meditations she led us into and the opportunities to find and hold encounters with the Lord, not only this Advent but to take with us to grow within us and become part of us."

"This weekend was the best way I could ever have spent together with the Lord, my soul has been fed. I'm definitely coming back."

"Thank you for this precious space and for the reflective weekend, allowing me to bring my failings to Christ and finding my strengths within."

"This has changed my life. Died and risen! Thank you."

"Just the right venue, hospitality, welcome and speaker. Very well balanced. Thank you very much."

Charismatic Renewal – You Will Be Called By A New Name

On 26 October over 50 people from Diocesan Charismatic Renewal gathered in St. Joseph's Gateshead for a day entitled, ‘You will be Called by a New Name’. This is the 4th time we have come together, reflecting on the Pope's Call to Renewal to witness what Renewal has to offer the Church. The Pope has called Renewal into Centre Church, setting up an organisation called Charis, which brings all Movements together for a united purpose.

Pat Kennedy reminded us about the journey we have been on to date and the call we have received by the Holy Spirit and Pope Francis confirming this to us. God has called us all in the Church to respond to His call; He calls us by the gifts he has given us; He calls us by this name before all time as Isaiah repeatedly tells us. We have been planned by God for this time, gifted and graced to respond. God invites us to come, and as he says to Jeremiah (40;1-6), "You are free to respond or not."

Fr. Chris Thomas of the Irenaeus Project in Liverpool took us through the personal journey of following, trusting and struggling, seeking the grace to respond to God's call and not just to our own will and desires.

Fr. Michael Whalen shared his own journey, the call, the struggles and the support he has had to live out what he felt called to be and do. He encouraged all in Renewal to follow, to believe that God is with us, Emmanuel seeking the promised land.

We are called to remember the story, God's story, and to travel with faith and hope, 'remembering' ourselves again and again into the story. This is our life's journey. Our story is important; family, life, faith. When we lose it we lose where we belong. We lose who we are called and gifted to be and to accomplish by God's grace.

We remember Karl Rahner's description, "Grace is simply God enabling us to become more than we ever imagined possible."

Charismatic Renewal – Pope Francis.

On Sunday 9 June 2019 several thousand Catholics belonging to Charismatic Renewal gathered in Rome for Pentecost Weekend. The Vatican was launching its new International Service to aid the ministry of Renewal in its commitment to Communion and Service.

The Pope sees Renewal as a much broader thing; Charis is an abbreviation for Catholic Charismatic Renewal International Service and fulfils the Pope’s request that there be one charismatic service for all expressions of Catholic Charismatic Renewal. It comes under the Dicastery for Laity and Family Life. Auxiliary Bishop, Peter Smith of Portland, Oregon who has been a member of Renewal since late 1970's said that the heart of CCR is a profound encounter with Christ and the Holy Spirit which transforms us and sends us out. There are an estimated 100 to 112 million active members world-wide. Pope Francis met with around 3000 on Saturday 8 June and told them that this is a new beginning on the journey for the good of the whole Church. He wants all to share with everyone "…the grace received, serve the Body of Christ! Evangelise, serve the poor, be one. Use the gift you have been given, Charismatic Renewal," he said, "leads to a living faith." We need to share this with those we meet.

The grace of Charismatic Renewal has affected many lives through a personal experience of the Holy Spirit changing their lives over the past 50 years. There are many in the Church who are not comfortable with it and yet it witnesses to nothing we cannot find in Scripture, Vatican II and the Church Teaching.

Some examples of CCR in action in our Diocese:

On Saturday 24 March 2018 around 80 members of 'Emmanuel' the Diocesan Charismatic Renewal Community and some from other Diocese in the North, gathered at St. Mary’s School, Longbenton in the presence of Bishop Séamus, Frs. Dodds and Whalen and Amy Cameron to address the question, 'Is Renewal a fringe group or a central part of the Church?' The day was facilitated by David Wells.

On Saturday 10 November in St. Joseph’s Hall, 2018 Gateshead we met for the second time that year.

On Saturday 2 March 2019 the Diocesan Charismatic Renewal gathered again with the Bishop following on from their previous two meetings looking at where Renewal was in the Church, on the fringe or integrated and how Renewal can become more integrated through its gifting into the Church.

On Saturday 26 October 26 we will gather at St. Joseph’s Gateshead at 10.00am to take a further prayerful and discerning reflection on what we are being asked to do by Pope Francis and the Church.

Feel free to join us on this exciting journey.

Pat Kennedy MPS, Chair of CCR Hexham and Newcastle