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This can be organised in area groups or for a Prayer Group or Parish Group, however they need to big enough to be viable and interactive.

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Welcome to the website of the Diocesan Service Team for Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Hexham & Newcastle Diocese.

Emmanuel, "God is With Us"

Please read this letter from the chair, Pat Kennedy and the Diocesan Service Team. Details of some of the events planned for 2018 are also advised.

Future Events

The Gathering.

Every third Sunday of the month between 3.30pm and 5.00pm.

Being held at St. Joseph's, High Street West, Gateshead
NE8 1LX.

For Prayer and Praise, Input and Healing Prayer.

Emmanuel, "God is With us"

A day led by David Wells on Saturday 24 March 2018 between 10.00am - 4.30pm at St. Mary’s Comprehensive, Benton Park Road, Newcastle NE7 7PE.

He will help us to work out a Vision for a way forward. Bishop Séamus will be present as will Amy (Cameron), along with the Diocesan Service Team. We also hope to be joined by members of other Northern Diocese.

Tea and Coffee will be available, but please bring a packed lunch. There is no charge, however a collection will be taken.

If you are interested in attending see poster or complete and return the booking form by post or email.

A follow up to the above will be held on Saturday 8 September 2018, when we hope all Diocesan plans might be in place and we can hopefully then look at where Renewal stands in the Diocese with Amy Cameron and DST.

Living In The Spirit.

5 Sessions; input reflection, sharing.

These sessions take place over five Mondays, commencing on Monday 9 April, thereafter 16, 23 and 30 April and Monday 14 May (NB. There is no session on Monday 7 May as it falls on a Bank Holiday).

Sessions run between 2.00pm 3.30pm and are held at St. Andrews, Worswick Street, Newcastle.

The session on Monday 30 April is entitled, Praying with the Holy Spirit

Holy Island Pilgrimage 2018

Our annual pilgrimage will take place on Saturday 26 May 2018. The full itinery is listed on the booking form.

If you are interested and wish to book your place and/or transport, please complete and return the booking form to Pat Kennedy to the address detailed.

Any questions she can be contacted by email or tel: 0191 243 3316.

You can read about last year's pilgrimage in the archive below.


Holy Island Pilgrimage July 2017

On Saturday 22 July, 22 people gathered at the St. Aidan's Church on Holy Island for their annual pilgrimage. Greeted and welcomed as usual by Sr. Tessa, the day began with Mass and a very helpful and meaningful reflection on the readings by Fr. Michael Hickey.

The central part of the day was free to spend time as we pleased. Some went with Sr. Tessa on her reflective tour; a walk gaining insights into God’s work of creation through seven steps looking at the island’s history. Others spent time alone, or with friends.

The day ended with Exposition, a reflection and prayer service. A meaningful and enjoyable time together.

Pat Kennedy, Chair of CCR H&N.

A Prayer - Darlington June 2017

A short prayer to read and reflect upon.

Diocesan 50th Anniversary Celebrations

On 1 January 1901, Pope Leo XIII prayed to the Holy Spirit by the Holy Spirit window in St. Peter’s in Rome. That same day in the Bethel College in Topeka, Kansas, a group who had been praying to receive the Holy Spirit, suddenly began praying in tongues as on the Day of Pentecost, and also in 1906, a 'Revival' began on Azusa Street in Los Angeles.

In 1962, John XXIII prayed for a new Pentecost in the Church prior to Vatican II, "Renew your wonders in this our day, by a new Pentecost." In 1967 a group of students from Duquesne University, gathered for a retreat and one evening while praying before the Blessed Sacrament, they were suddenly and unexpectantly Baptised in the Holy Spirit. As they shared their experience and prayed with other people, that experience began to spread throughout the Catholic Church into other countries and eventually people began to form prayer groups and then larger conferences. This became what is know known as 'Catholic Charismatic Renewal'.

Many thought this development odd, but eventually the Church began to recognise a change in people’s lives and a Faith that was alive and active. Today it is in every continent and the leaders from around the world have been invited to meet with our last 3 popes in Rome. This year we will be meeting with Pope Francis at Pentecost.

On Saturday 1 April we gathered in St. Joseph’s, Gateshead to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Renewal. Bishop Séamus celebrated Mass along with several priests and deacons. 'More Than Dance' gave us a reflection in movement after Communion and Michelle Moran, President of International Renewal in Rome and also Chair of the Service Team for England and Wales, gave a reflection on Renewal and our call at the end of Mass.

Around 130 people attended and celebrated together with a buffet in the hall afterwards. The music was inspiring.

To follow on from this there will be a 'Gathering' on the third Sunday of the month in St. Joseph’s Church, Gateshead, at 3.30pm - 5.00pm, beginning on Sunday 21 May. Everyone is welcome.

Pat Kennedy, Chair of Hexham & Newcastle Service Team for Renewal.

Golden Jubilee Celebrations CCR 1967 - 2017 in Birmingham

On Saturday 4 March the Golden Celebration of the 50 Jubilee of the CCR took place in the Bethel Convention Centre in Birmingham. The gathering came together to remember and give thanks for the blessing of the Holy Spirit to a group of students, including Patti Gallagher Mansfield and David Mangan, on the Duquesne Weekend on 18 February 1967 at the Ark and Dove Retreat House near Pittsburg, which began the grace we know as Catholic Charismatic Renewal and which 50 years ago began to flow into the Catholic Church.

In 1962, John XXIII prayed for a New Pentecost. The Second Vatican Council began on 11 October 1962 and ended on the 8 December 1965.

Bishop Kevin McDonald's Homily from the Mass is now available.

Over 1500 people from all over England and Wales came together for the celebration. We were ministered to by Archbishops Kevin Mc Donald (our link to the Bishops’ Conference) and Bernard Longley, the Archbishop of Birmingham, plus 24 priests and 4 deacons.

Speakers on the day were Patti Gallagher Mansfield who shared her experience and its relevance today and Mark Nimo from Ghana who shared his views on Renewal Today.

Christine Dixon, one of the group from St. Anthony of Padua who attended the Celebration writes,

The whole message of the day was so prophetic and as we had talked about few weeks back. The Spirit is beginning to move in new ways. The Q&A session reminded me of the time you'd invited Leaders of Prayer Groups across to St. Hilda's and you led a similar discussion; all our uncertainties about where Renewal was going should be washed away after the weekend."

Pat Kennedy, Chair of CCR H&N

Fr Sean Conaty - CDs:

Fr. Sean Conaty was known to many for his involvement in the Deliverance and Healing Ministry. He was also much sought after speaker on areas of Faith, Spirituality, Renewal Scripture as well as healing, throughout the British Isles as well as Germany, Spain and Gibraltar. Born in Cavan in Ireland he came to Hexham and Newcastle Diocese as a young priest, he then served in the Missions in South America, before returning once again to the Diocese to serve in Parish Ministry. After a long illness he died in August 2011.

Fr. Sean was widely read and always spoke within the realms of daily life, where he himself was aware of God’s presence and encouraged others to find the same blessing.
Since then we have had enquiries as to whether we had any of his recorded talks on CD.

One of our DST, Paul Copeland, felt that he was called to transfer those many talks we had on Tape onto CDs. Paul has listened to them all to monitor the quality of each recording. He has now produced a list of 62 CDs. and continues to pursue his ministry. He told me that it has been a privilege to edit the recordings and to listen to so many hours of sincere Christian witness from a friend who lived out everything he taught, with faithfulness, compassion and wisdom.

List of recordings

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Other information:

Service Team

The local Hexham & Newcastle Diocesan Service Team serves Renewal in the Diocese by providing a structure of communication, information and resourcing.

The Team arranges:

  • Days of Renewal
  • Diocesan Healing Services
  • A quarterly local newsletter
  • Life in the Spirit Seminars
  • Information on local Prayer Groups


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