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Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR)

Welcome to the webpage for the Diocesan Service Team for Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Hexham & Newcastle Diocese.


Chairperson: Pat Kennedy

Tel: 0191 243 3316

Email: pat.kennedy@diocesehn.org.uk.

What is the nature of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal?

The grace of Charismatic Renewal has affected many lives through a personal experience of the Holy Spirit changing their lives, over the past 50 years. There are many in the Church suspicious of it and yet it witnesses to nothing we cannot find in Scripture, Vatican II and the Church teaching. This document produced by the National Service Committee for the Charismatic Renewal in England gives a more detailed explanation of what it is about.

Do you feel called to Intercession?

We are forming a Diocesan Intercessory Group, highlighting areas of prayer for Renewal and for Diocesan needs and initiatives, which we need to intercede for. Read this document for further insight and if you would like to join this group please contact Pat Kennedy by email or tel: 0191 243 3316.



“You Will Be Called By a New Name” Is 62:2

Fr. Chris Thomas, Fr. Michael Whalen and Pat Kennedy will be reflecting on the journey to date and where we are being led?

Saturday 26 October 10.00am – 4.30pm at St. Joseph’s Parish Hall, Gateshead (Opposite Gateshead Metro Station).

Bring a packed lunch. No charge, but there will be a collection taken.

To book email: pat.kennedy@diocesehn.org.uk or apply by post to Pat Kennedy, St. Cuthbert’s House, West Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 7PY.

Events Archive:

Our archive of previous events can be viewed in our Events Archive.

Fr. Sean Conaty - CD’s:

Fr. Sean Conaty was known to many for his involvement in the Deliverance and Healing Ministry. He was also much sought after speaker on areas of Faith, Spirituality, Renewal Scripture as well as healing, throughout the British Isles as well as Germany, Spain and Gibraltar. Born in Cavan in Ireland he came to Hexham and Newcastle Diocese as a young priest, he then served in the Missions in South America, before returning once again to the Diocese to serve in Parish Ministry. After a long illness he died in August 2011.

Fr. Sean was widely read and always spoke within the realms of daily life, where he himself was aware of God’s presence and encouraged others to find the same blessing.
Since then we have had enquiries as to whether we had any of his recorded talks on CD.

One of our DST, Paul Copeland, felt that he was called to transfer those many talks we had on Tape onto CD’s. Paul has listened to them all to monitor the quality of each recording. He has now produced a list of 62 CD’s. and continues to pursue his ministry. He told me that it has been a privilege to edit the recordings and to listen to so many hours of sincere Christian witness from a friend who lived out everything he taught, with faithfulness, compassion and wisdom.

List of recordings

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Charismatic Prayer Groups in Hexham & Newcastle Diocese

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Service Team

The local Hexham and Newcastle Diocesan Service Team serves Renewal in the Diocese by providing a structure of communication, information and resourcing.

The Team arranges:

  • Days of Renewal
  • Diocesan Healing Services
  • A quarterly local newsletter
  • Life in the Spirit Seminars
  • Information on local Prayer Groups


Healing Groups training is available:

This can be organised in area groups or for a Prayer Group or Parish Group, however they need to big enough to be viable and interactive.

Contact details as above.