Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Liturgy: Toolkit

The Liturgical Ministries Toolkit

This Toolkit is designed to assist us to review in a positive way how Sunday worship especially is celebrated in the parish and to consider how we might wish to enhance the experience of it in our community, or whether we might be able to share any good practice with others.

The starting point is the Liturgical Ministries Spreadsheet Tool which is designed to enable an initial assessment of how the parish is doing in relation to seven specific areas of liturgical practice. These areas cover the roles undertaken by; Sacristans, Welcomers, Servers, Leaders of Children’s Liturgy, Readers, Intercession Writers and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. By answering these questions a simple overview of the Sunday Liturgy as it is currently practiced in the parish is created.

Download the Toolkit (pdf)

Download the Spreadsheet Tool (MS excel)