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Partnerships One Year On

To mark the end of the first year of partnerships Bishop Séamus thanked all concerned in his recent Pastoral Letter and introduced a new Partnership Prayer.

To help partnerships reflect on the past year a useful review document Partnerships – One Year On has been provided.

Why Partnerships? – Some Key Messages

This document (pdf - word) is now available providing further background and the key reasons why the decision was made to establish partnerships around the Diocese.

Key Contacts for Partnerships

This leaflet outlines the key roles and responsibilities from across the Diocesan Departments offering help, advice and support for partnerships.

June / July Edition of Partnership Matters

The latest ‘Partnership Matters’ newsletter is now available (pdf - word).

Sharing ideas across the Diocese

Find out what is happening in different partnerships on the Partnership Sharing Area.

Looking for courses of formation?

Here are the courses currently available highlighting opportunities across the Diocese for individuals and groups to grow.

Feedback welcome

We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions. Contact Tony Sacco or Nancy Gash by email or 0191 243 3304.