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About Partnerships

Our 18 Partnerships were formally established by Bishop Séamus at Pentecost 2017. You can learn more about them, or visit our partnerships directory.


Guidelines and other resources developed for use by partnerships.

Sharing Area

Why reinvent the wheel? This area includes ideas and developments from partnerships. Send yours in too!

The Forward Together in Hope website is no longer being updated but is still accessible.

All of the resources developed during the programme will be available here until further notice.


A Message from Bishop Séamus

Bishop Séamus shares his vision of how he perceives a partnership could be, he said:

A partnership is a group of parishes agreeing to work together, to share resources, both human and material, to become stronger and better equipped for furthering the Kingdom of God.

Why Partnerships?

Since the launch of partnerships questions have been raised as to how and why they were established. A summary document has been developed to help reaffirm the key messages and address some of these questions.

'Why Partnerships? – Some Key Messages' (pdf - doc) is a concise reminder of the reasons for working in partnerships.


Partnership Guidelines:

We are committed to providing advice and support to the 18 Partnerships as they get up and running.

Partnership Guidelines - First Steps’ (pdf - word) was published at Easter 2017. It contains information about establishing a Partnership Development Group as well as initial information on a range of other topics.

More detailed guidelines on key aspects will be provided over the months ahead. We have already issued 'Some Thoughts about Producing a Partnership Development Plan' (pdf - word), which offers planning principles and an example Partnership Plan.


Supporting the development of partnerships is a shared responsibility. In particular Partnership Deans, Lay Chairs of Partnership Development Groups and Episcopal Vicars have key roles to play locally.

In addition, Tony Sacco and Nancy Gash will act as a first point of contact for general information and advice.

Contact us by email or 0191 243 3304.

Key Contacts for Partnerships:

The roles of Partnership Chair and Partnership Dean are vital in ensuring that our new partnerships get up and running successfully and Diocesan Departments have a key role in providing help, advice and support. On the suggestion of one of the lay chairs we have created a leaflet outlining the key Diocesan roles and responsibilities of direct relevance to partnerships, including details of all Partnership Deans and Partnership Chairs.