Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO


Arrangements for serving Partnerships

Arrangements for serving Partnerships are embedded into the everyday life of the Diocese, with a contact for the Partnerships in each of the Vicariates.

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Each person supports the Episcopal Vicar for that area, and helps facilitate communication between the Partnerships in that Vicariate and the departments in the Diocesan Offices. It is hoped that, when appropriate, these contacts will be invited by the Episcopal Vicar to attend some meetings of Partnership Chairs and Partnership Deans, meetings of Partnership Development Groups and even to address suitable agenda items at Clergy Vicariate meetings.

Why Partnerships?

Since the launch of partnerships questions have been raised as to how and why they were established. A summary document was developed to help reaffirm the key messages and address some of these questions.

'Why Partnerships? – Some Key Messages’ (pdfdoc) is a concise reminder of the reasons for working in partnerships.


Partnership Guidelines:

We are committed to providing advice and support to the 18 Partnerships as they get up and running.

Partnership Guidelines - First Steps’ (pdf - word) was published at Easter 2017. It contains information about establishing a Partnership Development Group as well as initial information on a range of other topics.

More detailed guidelines on key aspects will be provided over the months ahead. We have already issued 'Some Thoughts about Producing a Partnership Development Plan' (pdf - word), which offers planning principles and an example Partnership Plan.


Supporting the development of partnerships is a shared responsibility. In particular Episcopal Vicars, Partnership Deans and Lay Chairs of Partnership Development Groups have key roles to play locally. Diocesan Office contacts for Partnerships in each Vicariate are as follows:

Cleveland and South Durham: Andrew Gillingham

Newcastle and North Tyneside: Amy Cameron

Northumberland: Fiona Standfield

South Tyneside and Gateshead: Jeff Ledger

Sunderland and East Durham: Katherine Nugent