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Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Partnerships Sharing Area

We are members of one Diocesan family accompanying each other on the same journey of renewal. As we move forward together we have the opportunity not only to develop our own partnerships but to contribute ideas and approaches that might be helpful to those in other areas too.

This section contains various ideas and approaches that we get to hear about from partnerships. However, we can only get to hear about them if you tell us, so please provide us with anything you feel might be suitable.

Continue to share your ideas and approaches through one of the following contacts:

Cleveland and South Durham: Andrew Gillingham

Newcastle and North Tyneside: Amy Cameron

Northumberland: Fiona Standfield

South Tyneside and Gateshead: Jeff Ledger

Sunderland and East Durham: Katherine Nugent

Latest Items:

We welcome articles from EVERY partnership; if you have ideas to share, best practice for processes, events, good news or just some stories of success, let us know! We will provide a snapshot here each month with a link to the full article.

Previous articles can be found in the archive section below.

Finchale Partnership: Spirituality Series.

During 2019, our Partnership held a number of very successful open days at our churches, but 2020’s lockdown restrictions meant that we were unable to hold face to face events. So the Partnership’s Spirituality Group organised a series of events on Zoom.

Our theme was the Spirituality of the Orders, an opportunity for us all to hear more about the many orders in the Catholic Church, and what gives them their different characters and traditions.

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August 2021

Partnership News: Partnership Chairs Update February 2021

Throughout the various restrictions and close–downs that we have suffered over the last months, representatives of the Partnerships have been meeting as a group regularly by video links to share experiences with each other and to hear about a number of Diocesan initiatives that may create opportunities for us all, both in our current restricted state, as well as helping us to plan for when we are free to gather again.

This document provides a helpful summary of these meetings and additionally, a number of partnerships have also shared some details of what they have done since the pandemic restrictions began last year.

Partnerships submitting stories include, Heavenfield, Finchale, John Ingram, Blackfriars and Ovingham.

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February 2021

Sharing Your Ideas

One year on from the establishment of the 18 Partnerships in our Diocese, it was felt to be timely to provide every Partnership with the opportunity to review the year. Each Partnership completed a short review and the responses make for a very rich source of information about what is going well and what are the main challenges going forward. A document has been produced as a compilation of the ideas and approaches that Partnerships offered in their responses. Entitled ‘Sharing your Ideas’, it is available here (pdf - word).



Partnership name Date Topic
Pontop December 2020 Love Christmas
Benedict September 2020 Virtual Day of Recollection
John Ingram August 2020 Good news and donations
Pontop June 2020 Re-opening of church for individual prayer
Finchale April 2020 Keeping in Touch
Brinkburn February 2020 Day of Recollection


Partnership name Date Topic
Pontop Partnership December 2019 Confirmation Course
John Ingram July 2019 Garden Party
Finchale June 2019 Partnership Event at Ushaw
Seaton Delavel June 2019 Partnership Mass
Blackfriars June 2019 Pentecost
Finchale June 2019 Open Afternoons
Escomb June 2019 Day of Recollection
St. Mary the Virgin May 2019 Partnership Day
Blackfriars May 2019 Day for Readers and Eucharistic Ministers
Blackfriars April 2019 Partnership Progress Report
Blackfriars March 2019 Being the Prodigal Son
Blackfriars March 2019 Space for Grace – Our Call to Holiness
Jesmond St. Mary March 2019 Liturgy of Mercy Service


Partnership name Date Topic
Benedict December 2018 Celebrating Partnership
Seaton Delavel December 2018 Partnership Reflection - 18 months on
Benedict December 2018 WWI Centenary Poppy Memorial
Brinkburn November 2018 Spirituality and Art - Visio Divina
Hilda November 2018 Our Progress so far
Benedict October 2018 October Newsletter
Finchale October 2018 Bringing People Together
Ovingham October 2018 Logo, Mission Statement and Prayer
Monkwearmouth September 2018 Development Plan Progress
Jesmond, St. Mary July 2018 Sharing Their Vision
Brinkburn July 2018 First Year Reflections
Pontop July 2018 Youth Development Group
Bede July 2018 Patronal Feasts
John Ingram July 2018 Inclusive About Development Planning
Lindisfarne July 2018 Day of Reflection
Monkwearmouth July 2018 Summer (quarterly) Newsletter
Benedict July 2018 Celebration Mass
Heavenfield June 2018 Partnership Pilgrimage Masses
Hogarth June 2018 Partnership Play
Blackfriars May 2018 Partnership Vision
Blackfriars May 2018 Ministers Annual Day of Reflection
St. Mary the Virgin May 2018 Partnership Mission Statement and Prayer
Escomb May 2018 Partnership note (weekly) example
Hogarth May 2018 Day of Prayer and Reflection for Women


Partnership name Date Topic
Blackfriars Sept 2017 Partnership early planning stages
St. Mary the Virgin August 2017 Partnership early planning stages

Some Food For Thought

During our Forward Together in Hope journey we gathered from Parish Questionnaires some of the many ideas and activities that were put forward as examples that might be of interest to others. These were collated and published in June 2016 as a 20-page booklet under the title ‘Some Food for Thought’. It is made available again here (pdf - word) as a reminder of the approach and a resources that can be dipped into.