Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Property Management Team


Head of Property Management: Andrew Gillingham

Administrator: Carol Green

Tel: 0191 243 3303 or email.

Property Surveyor: Minnie Fraser mob: 07950 493707

Property Surveyor: Richard Guy mob: 07901 016811

Health and Safety Advisor: Michael McElroy mob: 07525 016401


Historic Churches Committee (Chair): Rev. Adrian Dixon

Secretary: Professor John Murray

For information and advice about listed buildings please contact the above department.


Property Committee: Rev. Adrian Dixon, Rev. Anthony Hastie, Rev. Jeffrey Dodds, Andrew Gillingham and Mrs. Fiona Standfield. Secretary: Miss Lynne Matthews

The Property Committee carries out an initial assessment of all applications to undertake work on parish property over the deminimis limit, currently £10,000, in accordance with the Board guidelines.