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Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

RCIA Catechists

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Volunteer: Mrs Angela Joyce
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Sunday Readings downloadable notes (archive)

Year C 1 Advent 1 - 4

Year C 2 Baptism to Ordinary 5

Year C 3 Lent weeks 1 – 3

Year C 4 Easter weeks 3 – 6

Year C 5 Ordinary time weeks 10 – 22

Year C 6 Ordinary time weeks 23 – 26

Year C 7 Ordinary time weeks 27 – 31

Year C 8 Ordinary time week 32 – Year A, Advent week 1

Year A Advent week 2 – The Feast of the Nativity

Year A Feast of Mary, Mother of God – Ordinary time week 4

Year A Ordinary time weeks 5 – 8

Year A Lent weeks 1 – 4

Year A Lent week 5 – Easter week 3

Year A Easter week 4 – the Ascension of the Lord

Year A Ordinary time weeks 23 – 26

Year A Ordinary time weeks 27 – 30

Year A Ordinary time week 31 – Feast of Christ the King

Year B Advent – Epiphany

RCIA – Rite of Acceptance


RCIA – Resources for Lent, including the Scrutinies

Diocese RCIA Purification and Enlightenment

RCIA  – An excellent series of articles introducing the essentials of RCIA

RCIA 1 – Introduction

RCIA 2 – Explanation

RCIA 3 – Sponsors


Ministry: To Minister is to Serve

RCIA Handbook

RCIA Handbook "Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults" – available in the American study edition ISBN: 978–0–8146–1593–5

Guest Speakers

  • Deacon Peter Lavery and his wife, Pauline, offer to contribute a session in any RCIA programme on Marriage and Family Life.

  • Kathryn Turner (the Head of Hexham and Newcastle Diocesan Department for Spirituality) is willing to visit any RCIA group in our diocese to speak on Prayer, either to the RCIA Team or as an RCIA session for Enquirers and Team

Leaflet on Stages of the Journey

RCIA Stages of the Journey – leaflet for catechists

Lectionary Based Catechesis Resource Books

  • Foundations in Faith. Catechumenate Manual. Bob Duggan, Carol Gura et ak. RCL, Texas. 19999 ISBN 0–7829–0760–1

  • Breaking Open the Lectionary. Lectionary Readins in their Biblical Context for RCIA, Faith Sharing Groups and Lectors. Margaret Nutting Ralph ISBN 0–8091–4289–9

  • Living God's Word, Reflections on the Weekly Gospels David Knight ISBN 978–0–86716–307–0


Wednesday Word: Weekly readings resource for catechists

See also documents and resources on National RCIA Network

Question of the Week