Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Vocations: Steps to the Priesthood

Some steps along the way:

You might be thinking: “I’ve got this niggling feeling that Our Lord might be asking me to follow him by thinking of the priesthood. What can I do to find out?”

First Steps

You can follow up your thoughts and feeling by:

First of all having the courage and generosity to face up to the question of what God may be calling you to be or do with your life, by sharing it in serious conversation and quiet reflection with Jesus over a period of time (Honestly pray to God with an open heart, and do not just think about it on your own.)

Then talk about it to family/friends/school chaplain or other trusted adult Christians and see whether or not they think you are the sort of person who could be a good priest.

At some stage share your thoughts and feelings with a priest who knows you (usually one who serves your parish community). The priest can then refer you to (or if you wish you can directly contact by letter/phone/email) the Diocesan Director of Vocations (See contact for information).

The process may seem long and daunting but it needs to be serious and thorough in order to be a really helpful service to you and to us.

The church in our Diocese will try hard to help you answer Our Lord’s call to “Come, Follow Me” – to wherever that may lead you.

For more details see Journey of Discernment.