Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Séamus Cunningham

Permanent Diaconate

Council of Deacons


On 11 September 2016 a new Phase of the Permanent Diaconate was begun with the Formation of the "Council of Deacons". At a meeting of deacons, a new constitution, seen and approved by the Bishop, was approved and adopted.

Picture left to right: Fr. Campion, Tom Rooke, David Collins. Bishop Séamus, Peter Jones, Paul Hargreaves.

The diaconate was introduced into the Diocese almost 15 years ago and it now has 34 members and four at present in training. Most are married with families. Deacons assist with liturgy, preaching, baptisms, weddings and funerals in their respective parishes or areas. Many have jobs and are working, often in caring jobs and all are involved wherever they are, in witnessing to Service and in developing the development of the viable and growing communities envisioned in "Forward Together In Hope".

Picture: Council assembled.

On February 11 2017 the first meeting of the council took place along with, the Bishop and Fr. Michael Campion (director of on-going formation for the diaconate) at St. Hilda’s Diocesan Centre in Newcastle. The meeting was chaired by Deacon Peter Jones accompanied by Deacons David Collins (vice chair), Paul Hargreaves (secretary) and Tom Rooke (assistant secretary). Some deacons were not able to attend this meeting.

Picture left to right: Tom Rooke, David Collins. Bishop Séamus, Peter Jones, Paul Hargreaves.

Two other groups have been formed; 1. On-going Formation - Deacons Martin Bell, John Hawthorne, David Collins, Kevin Atkinson and Peter Linsley. They will plan and organise on-going formation events and supporting liturgies for deacons over the year. 2. The promotion committee - Deacons Shaun McGee, Vincent Purcell, David Westgarth. Tony Turner and Richard McLaughlin will devise and coordinate a plan for the promotion of the diaconate in parishes throughout the Diocese.

Details of how one can apply to become a Deacon can be found on the Diocesan website.


Pictures courtesy of Mrs Pat Kennedy. MPS.