Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

The God Who Speaks – A Year of the Word


Fr. Christopher Jackson – Diocesan ‘The God Who Speaks’ co-ordinator.

Kathryn Turner – Head of the Department for Spirituality.

St. Cuthbert's House, West Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE15 7PY.

Tel: 0191 243 3302 or email:


Support: Sophie Taylor – tel: 0191 410 0776.


Will appear here when announced.


Music – Word – Prayer

Preparing for “The God who Speaks: Year of the Word” with Paul Inwood.

Being held at Minsteracres Retreat Centre, near Consett, Co. Durham, DH8 9RT on Friday 15 (7.00pm) – Saturday 16 November (5.00pm) £65. (Saturday only 10.00am – 5.00pm including lunch & refreshments £25). For information and bookings visit, call 01434 673248 or email:

See poster for details.

Solemn Vespers

On Sunday 1 December, there will be Solemn Vespers celebrated marking the First Sunday of Advent and the opening of “The Year of the Word: The God Who Speaks”.

Vespers will be celebrated simultaneously in four locations across the Diocese to mark the opening of the Year; Cathedral Church of St. Mary, Newcastle, St. Mary’s Church, Hexham, English Martyrs and Ss Peter and Paul, Stockton and St. Cuthbert’s Chapel, Ushaw College.

Songs of Faith and Doubt

On Tuesday 3 March 2020, Rabbi Aaron Lipsey reflects on the Psalms, the Jewish prayers that bring the whole of life before God and which form the heart of the Church’s Daily Prayer.

More detailed information about this event will follow.

LISTEN – A Lenten Retreat for Young Adults (aged 18 – 35) at Stanbrook Abbey

The retreat will run from 6.00pm on Friday 6 March to early afternoon on Sunday 8 March 2020.

An opportunity to pray, worship, listen to God’s Word and reflect in the tranquil atmosphere of the Benedictine monastery of Stanbrook, Wass. There will be Adoration, input from the nuns, shared lectio, silence and the chance to walk in the adjoining forest.

For more information on the abbey visit their website.

Places are limited, book early to avoid disappointment. See poster or contact Sophie Taylor by email or tel: 0191 410 0776 for more details.

Scripture Day for Clergy

On Wednesday 18 March 2020, a Scripture Day for Clergy with Professor Lewis Ayres will be held.

More detailed information about this event will follow.

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Bible

On Saturday 21 March 2020 at St. John Vianney Church, Newcastle.

An opportunity for people to come together to explore this resource and learn how to lead groups who will be using it after Easter.

More detailed information about this event will follow.

Tents of Encounter at Ushaw College (to be confirmed)

On the weekend of Friday 8 – Sunday 10 May 2020 at Ushaw College (to be confirmed).

Part of a national Scripture Roadshow organised jointly by The Bible Society and the Bishops’ Conference Scripture Working Group. A chance to find out more about Scripture, celebrate the Word of God and meet the sky–dancing St. Jerome!

More detailed information about this event will follow.

Scripture Retreat at Stanbrook Abbey

On Thursday 14 May 2020 at Stanbrook Abbey. A day with the God Who Speaks led by Benedictine nuns from the Abbey.

More detailed information about this event will follow.

Holy Land Pilgrimage

During February 2021 Bishop Robert will lead a Diocesan pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

A visit to the “Fifth Gospel”, the landscape on which Jesus walked and taught, died and rose.

More detailed information about this event will follow.

The Sea of Galilee – image re–produced with courtesy of Kathryn Turner.

Also to come:

Flower Festival at St. Joseph’s, Hartlepool and a musical event. Dates and details will follow.