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About Partnerships

Our 18 Partnerships were formally established by Bishop Séamus at Pentecost 2017. You can learn more about them, or visit our partnerships directory.


Guidelines and other resources developed for use by partnerships.


Have a look at the questions being asked about partnerships and the answers offered. You might have some of your own too.

Sharing Area

Why reinvent the wheel? This area will include ideas and developments from partnerships. Send yours in too!

The Forward Together in Hope website is no longer being updated but is still accessible.

All of the resources developed over the last 3 years will be available here until further notice.

Partnership Resources

This section contains a range of resources developed to support and assist Partnerships in getting up and running. The Guidance Documents will be added to over time and any amendments reflected in the date and version number.


Guidance Documents

FIrst Steps

Partnership Guidelines – First Steps (pdf - word)

Issued in April 2017 this 16-page document provides some initial information for partnerships across a wide range of aspects. It includes an outline remit for a Partnership Development Group.



Detailed Guidelines

Over time we will be issuing more detailed guidelines covering a range of key aspects of partnership development. Please provide us with feedback on these and how they might be improved upon.


Some Thoughts about Producing a Partnership Development Plan (pdf - word)

This document, first issued in June 2017, offers advice and suggestions about producing a Development Plan for your Partnership. The ‘template’ included in the appendix is just an example that you may wish to adopt, adapt or ignore. It is purely fictitious but hopefully contains enough realistic prompts to give a general idea of the approach.

Financial Guidelines for Partnerships

The Diocesan Finance Team has developed guidelines to assist partnerships in setting up a Partnership Bank Account and establishing a Partnership Finance Committee. These documents and others are available below:

The previously published Guidelines for Parish Finance Committees are also available.

The Role of Chair of the Partnership Development Group

We have been asked for advice about the role of the role of the Chair of the Partnership Development Group and the sort of skills such a role requires. This document might provide a useful starting point.

Chair of the Partnership Development Group Role and Skills


Other Resources

Pointing the Way – Reflections from across the Diocese

Issued in May 2017, this 8-page document provides a concise summary of the first part of the very substantial ‘Pointing the Way’ report discussed by Bishop Séamus and the Board of Trustees at their residential meeting in January 2017. The themes it contains emerged from the listening exercise that took place during Forward Together in Hope and draw from the numerous questionnaire responses, meetings and informal conversations.