Diocese of

Hexham and Newcastle

Bishop Robert Byrne CO

Justice and PeaceJustice and Peace Team

Head of Justice and Peace: Fr. Chris Hughes
St. Joseph, Wallsend Road, Chirton, North Shields NE29 7AA

tel: 0191 257 5801 or email:

Veronica Whitty, Chair of the Justice and Peace Co–ordinating Council. Tel: 0191 263 0920.

The Diocesan Justice and Peace Co–ordinating Council is elected at the AGM each year from people active in Justice and Peace work across the Diocese.

We exist to encourage commitment to action for Justice and Peace in light of the Gospel message and teaching of the Catholic Church. Our main objective is to foster the growth of this work within parishes and partnerships and to encourage the use of the four stages of the Pastoral Cycle i.e. Study/Experience, Analysis, Prayer/Spiritual Reflection and Action.

Please contact us if you require help.


J & P Contact Email:

J & P Donations Gift Aid Contact and Treasurer: Marjory Knowles tel: 07929 343418  email:

NB. If you would like to set-up a regular donation, please download, complete and return the forms at the base of this page.

Download the latest edition of the Diocesan Justice & Peace Newsletter (Spring 2020).

Diocesan Refugee Project:

The Diocesan Justice and Peace Refugee Project currently operates from Our Lady of Lourdes Deaf Centre, 2 Summerhill Grove, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6EE.


The Diocesan Justice and Peace Refugee Project has also had to temporarily close its doors and NO FOOD DONATIONS CAN NOW BE RECEIVED. We have recently established a mechanism for sending out ‘digital vouchers’ to the mobile phones of destitute asylum seekers. The vouchers allow recipients to purchase goods to the value of £30 in relevant supermarkets. Any food at the Project is being made available to similar local agencies to distribute to those who are struggling.

This way of operating is expensive as we are not able to utilise food contributions from parishes, so please continue supporting the project financially. Perhaps this could be a timely reminder to those who have set up a standing order and may not have increased your donations over the years to do so now. If you have not been able to donate yet you may do so by Bank transfer – HSBC DHN DESTITUTE ASYLUM FUND Sort code: 40-34-18 Account number: 52854058. Ideally, contributions by direct transfer would be most welcome, but cheques made payable to D. H & N DESTITUTE ASYLUM FUND can also be sent to Justice and Peace Refugee Project c/o Fr. Adrian Tuckwell, St Anne's Presbytery, Half Fields Road, Winlaton NE21 5RW.

The volunteers and management committee are truly grateful for the kind support you have offered and look forward to the day when the project can re–open. All enquiries should be directed to Helen Woodland by email: or by tel: 07407 091184.



Project Manager: John Dowling tel: 07427 837813

Project Worker: Helen Woodland, tel: 07407 091184 or email:


Project Contact: Rachel Wing tel: 01642 883 369

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Social and Environmental Justice Policy

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Listening Campaign

The Diocese is a strategic partner of Tyne and Wear Citizens (TWC), which seeks to support the common good and develop civic society and its members. TWC operates on a cycle of listening action and evaluation. Since its launch in 2017, TWC had completed one of these cycles that lead to the establishment of three campaigns: on improving mental health services, fighting food poverty, especially for school children and combating hate crime. All of these campaigns had a number of successes. It was felt by the end of 2019 the time was right to start a fresh cycle with 2020 being a year for listening.

The initial launch was in December of last year at the AGM, but our world is very different now due to the impact of the pandemic on our lives and our economy. Due to these dramatic changes on June 24th TWC had a relaunch of the listening campaign.

The full relaunch meeting summary is available now to read or download (pdfword).


Events will feature here when announced.


Latest news will feature here when announced.

Tyne and Wear Citizens.

For all the latest news and details of upcoming events please take a look at our Tyne and Wear Citizens page.

A Diocesan Social and Environmental Justice policy has been approved by the Diocesan Board. For more information and the policy document, please visit the policy section.

Laudato Si’: The American Bishops have issued a good discussion guide on the document

Social and Environmental Justice Policy:

Hearing the Cry of the Poor and the Earth:

The Diocesan Board of Directors approved a policy for Social and Envionmental Justice within the Diocese.

The policy was drafted by the Diocesan Justice and Peace Co-ordinating Council with valuable advice from the staff at the Centre for Catholic Studies and Salford Caritas. This policy is a response to Pope Francis' 2015 encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ with his call for an ‘Integral Ecology’, where in seeking the Common Good for the whole of God's creation, Pope Francis challenges us to hear and respond both to the cries of the earth and the poor. The policy, called ‘Hearing the Cry of the Poor and the Earth’, outlines activites we can undertake as part of our communal response in parishes. The policy also highlights our own personal responsibilities in sustaining the Common Good, the dignity of the human person and what Pope Francis states in his undertanding of the earth's ecology, ‘Our Common Home’.

The policy is also available to view online with images or download to print as a booklet.

Please contact the Justice and Peace Co–ordinating Council if you have any queries about this.


Catholic Social Teaching:

The purpose of the recently formed Northern Catholic Social Teaching (CST) Study Group is to learn what the Church has to say about our world and how we live together. Catholic Social Teaching addresses the big issues confronting us – work, the environment, family life, poverty, justice - and in the words of Pope John Paul II, provides us with,

a basis and motivation for action”.

The Group studies CST using the Virtual Plater CST Gateway. Although it is a study group, the emphasis is on the practical application of CST.

To join the Group or to find out more, contact Louise Harrison on 07532 309745.

Catholic Social Teaching monthly newsletter:

Catholic Social Teaching have their own monthly newsletter bringing a variety of information from its members of how CST has helped them and examples of CST in action around the Diocese. You can read or download the latest issue (July 2020) here (pdfword).


Donations for the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle Justice and Peace Refugee Project and Destitute Asylum Fund are most welcome. Regular donations by standing order can be made by completing the mandate and returning it to you bank.

Taxpayers can also complete the gift aid declaration and send to Diocesan Justice and Peace Refugee Project, Our Lady of Lourdes Deaf Centre, 2 Summerhill Grove, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6EE or direct to the Diocesan gift aid organiser.

Both forms can be printed from the link below or obtained from Marjory Knowles tel: 07929 343418 or by email.

Many thanks for all your help, prayers and support.


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