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Catholic Social Teaching:

For more information and instructions how to express an interest in this study group, please read the Training section below.



Chair of the Justice and Peace Co-ordinating Council

Fr. Chris Hughes
St Joseph, Wallsend Road, Chirton, North Shields NE29 7AA

tel: 0191 257 5801 or email:

The Diocesan Justice and Peace Co-ordinating Council is elected at the AGM each year from members of existing J & P groups.

The AGM was last held on Saturday 13 May 2017 at St. Joseph's Centre, Gateshead.

We exist to encourage commitment to action for Justice and Peace in light of the Gospel message and teaching of the Catholic Church.

Our main objective is to foster the growth of this work within parishes and deaneries and to encourage the use of the four stages of the Pastoral Cycle i.e. Study/Experience, Analysis, Prayer/Spiritual Reflection and Action.

Please contact us if you require help.


J & P Contact Email:

J & P Donations Gift Aid Contact and Treasurer: Mrs Pat Conway tel: 0191 386 8216  email:

Groups Contact Officer: Liz Archibald
tel: 07910 578310 or email:

The Diocesan Justice and Peace Refugee Project currently operates from Our Lady of Lourdes Deaf Centre, 2 Summerhill Grove, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6EE.

Hours of opening are 11.00am - 2.00pm on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Events will feature here when announced.

Latest News:

Diocese to become a Strategic Partner of Tyne and Wear Citizens.

At a recent meeting of the Diocesan Directors, it was agreed that the Diocese would become a Stategic Partner to Tyne and Wear Citizens for the next three years, giving £10k a year to contribute to the costs of employing a community organiser. Tyne and Wear Citizens is a broad based community organising organisation, which seeks to develop civic society and bring about social change.

At the moment there are three campaigns:

  • Improving provision for Mental Health Services.

  • Addressing poverty with a particular focus of promoting the Living Wage and reforming the Free School Meal system.

  • Making communities safer and combating hate-crime.

Members of catholic parishes and schools are involved in all three campaigns.

Bishop Séamus is very supportive of Diocesan involvement in Tyne and Wear Citizens and of the aims of all three campaigns.

If you would like more information about the work of Tyne and Wear Citizens please contact the Head of the Department for Justice and Peace, Fr. Chris Hughes at: or Tyne and Wear Citizen's Community Organiser, Sara Bryson at

Social and Environmental Justice Policy:

Hearing the Cry of the Poor and the Earth:

Earlier this year, the Diocesan Directors approved a policy for Social and Envionmental Justice within the Diocese.

The policy was drafted by the Diocesan Justice and Peace Co-ordinating Council with valuable advice from the staff at the Centre for Catholic Studies and Salford Caritas. This policy is a response to Pope Francis' 2015 encyclical 'Laudato Si' with his call for an 'Integral Ecology', where in seeking the Common Good for the whole of God's creation, Pope Francis challenges us to hear and respond both to the cries of the earth and the poor. The policy, called 'Hearing the Cry of the Poor and the Earth', outlines activites we can undertake as part of our communal response in parishes. The policy also highlights our own personal responsibilities in sustaining the Common Good, the dignity of the human person and what Pope Francis states in his undertanding of the earth's ecology, 'Our Common Home'.

Please contact the Justice and Peace Co-ordinating Council if you have any queries about this.


Catholic Social Teaching:

The purpose of the recently formed Northern Catholic Social Teaching (CST) Study Group is to learn what the Church has to say about our world and how we live together. Catholic Social Teaching addresses the big issues confronting us – work, the environment, family life, poverty, justice - and in the words of Pope John Paul II, provides us with,

a basis and motivation for action”.

The Group studies CST using the Virtual Plater CST Gateway. Although it is a study group, the emphasis is on the practical application of CST.

It has its own forum. To join the Group or to find out more, visit the forum or email:


Justice and Peace National Site: external link


Diocese to become a Strategic Partner of Tyne and Wear Citizens.

Read more about our Strategic Partnership with Tyne & Wear Citizens and its current campaigns.

A Diocesan Social and Environmental Justice policy has been approved by the Diocesan Board. For more information and the policy document, please read the policy section below.

Laudato Si: The American Bishops have issued a good discussion guide on the document

Past Events

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Sharing Fair's visit to Thailand - Sept 2014